Mine your own Bitcoin, quietly.

Our goal is to enable people to run their own miners at their home in peace.

Back when Bitcoin was created in 2009 it could be mined on a regular PC with minimal noise output and hardware requirements. Since then, Bitcoin's popularity has grown substantially and cryptocurrencies have become a formidable economic tool globally.

Along with this boom in popularity, the hashrate required to mine the cryptocurrency has increased steadily over the years and continues to do so, making PC mining an activity of the past. This has made way for an entirely new industry of cryptocurrency miners needed to keep up with the hashrate requirements.

While very effective and profitable, we noticed that these machines were quite loud. Needing to solve this constant noise problem for our own homes, we got to work.

After several iterations and much testing, this design evolved into the LiteSound box - a miner case suitable for quiet at-home Bitcoin mining, bringing mining back home, where it started.

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