The Design

Our patented design (U.S. Patent No. 10,613,595) isolates a cryptocurrency mining rig from the external
environment while facilitating sonic isolation and maintenance of the miner
within a desired thermal profile.

The sound dampening element is achieved by creating a broken, circuitous
path between the miner receptacle and external environment, which sonically
insulates the miner from the external environment.

In congruence, insulating liners are utilized throughout the case which
prevent the transmission of sound waves. This reduces the audible noise that
bleeds through the receptacle into the external environment.

Our design also ensures to provide miners with consistent and adequate
airflow. Air flows from the external environment into the intake compartment,
onward to the main compartment and finally exhaust compartment.

From here, it is finally expelled by the external vent ensuring the proper
amount of airflow needed to keep the miner within a desired thermal profile.

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