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LiteSound Box

LiteSound Box for ANTMINER S9, L3+, L3++

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Soundproofing Case for Quiet (<50dB) At-Home Bitcoin Mining


The LiteSound Box for the Bitmain Antminer S9, L3+ & L3++ is the most efficient miner sound-proofing box on the market, enabling quiet mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at your home.

With over 100 prototype units sold, several iterations and much testing, we have created a case that is suitable for at-home mining allowing you to run your own miners with <50dB of noise output per miner, while helping keep the Bitcoin (or other) network decentralized as it was intended to be.


Our patented design, featuring a 5" exhaust, is able to dampen the miner's noisy fans while allowing fresh and consistent airflow around the miner. This creates no issues with overheating of the miner, which other designs have not been able to accomplish while keeping the noise level at an acceptable rate (<50dB).


Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Read below to learn more about our product features and prototype review highlights.

Note to Buyers Using Other Similar Miner Models:

If you are interested in using the LiteSound Box for the Antminer S9, L3+, L3++ for similar models, take a look at our last two pictures showing dimensions of interest when determining if our product would be right for the miner you would like to use it for. As an added measurement, please compare the dimensions of the miner you are interested in using to the dimensions of the S9/L3+/L3++.


  •  <50dB Noise dampening capabilities for suitable miners
  •  Coated exterior to assist with moisture and stain protection
  •  Felt pads for LiteSound Box and floor protection


What's Included:

  • LiteSound Box
  • Instructions for assembly
  • Wood glue for assembly is not included
  • 4x 1" Heavy-duty felt pads
  • 5" Starting collar
  • 6" ducts are not included
  • Masking tape is not included


Note to Buyers:

  • Sound dampening levels might vary depending on fan configuration used by the company for that specific batch of miners, as well as the condition and age of the miner itself.
  • Please follow instructions carefully to ensure outcomes aligning with those we have demonstrated in our videos.
  • Assembly required. Due to fragility of the product, we are not able to ship the LiteSound Box assembled anymore.
  • We recommend either using the 6" flexible ducts, or the 6" insulated flexible ducts (for even better results).


Prototype Review Highlights:

  • "I just got this in the mail today and don't even want to use the discount! These are amazing and you deserve every penny of the full price. My Antminer is near silent! I will be ordering a second one no questions asked. Hands down an amazing quality box! My wife didn't even notice the sound :)"
  • "Works like a charm! Thank you!"
  • "Really makes things a lot quieter. I can run the miner in my apartment now."
  • "It was because of this sound reducing box that I could start mining at home, 5/5"
  • "Well built. Considerably reduced exhaust noise quite well. Will buy again."
  • "Brilliant design, should get a patent for it. Sound reduced to 48db!!!!"